Serama Bantam Chicks - $10 (Baxter)

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Serama Bantam Chicks. ALL CHICKS ARE STRAIGHT RUN, no exceptions. We have 9 Serama Chicks left at 11-07-23

We can not vent sex chicks and it is very difficult to tell gender, when we can tell genders when they are Much older we charge a lot more for females so please don’t waste our time. Just buy a laying hen if you want hens/females. We do not have any adult Serama’s at this time. Once I can tell sex I will sell roosters at a discount keep hens until spring or charge lots more for those. So please don’t ask if they are male or female. And just be up front and ask specifically for hens when you call and I will let you know what I have. Hens start at $30 each. The ones that are listed in pictures are the actual chicks. I do not know what color they will be as adults, no we won’t meet you, they are serama chicks if you are looking for a bloodline then call the person your referring to for there bloodline, if you want a bloodline name they are Serama bloodline. Call only when your ready to come or make an appointment. No I don’t hold first come! Above you see I’m in Baxter TN. Don’t waste my time if your not willing to drive to Baxter TN. Map it before you even look further. So please don’t ask stupid questions already answered. And i am sorry for all the other people that have to read this but just want to cover bases so people don’t waste my time. A couple of the parents are listed. We will have a few mix feather leg bantam chicks as well this week as some Cochin bantams mid month. Call to get on list. We do have a few OEGB bantam hens for $30 each. No other adult hens at this time. Rooster free with purchase of 3 or more hens if we still have any by then. Prices are firm. Call ONLY, I will not answer emails. - nine three one 432- zero 955

All Bantams we have - Serama’s, D’uccle, Booted, Easter Egger(EE), Cochin, Silkie. (OEGB) Old English, Chicks are all different and some are Mixes and some pure. Colors - Mottled, mille fleur, Porcelain, Buff, Partridge, Lavender, Red, silver duckwing.
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